Valencia tigernuts horchata: the mediterranean superfood.

15 January, 2018

Horchata made with Valencia tigernuts is our superfood. A genuine product, with a long tradition in our land and a bastion of the Valencian gastronomy. Who does not associate the horchata to Valencia, the summer and the good weather we have, or our friendly and cheerful character?

A refreshing drink, rich in minerals, with high energy and nutritious values, in addition to good digestive properties. Without fructose. Without lactose. Without gluten. A mediterranean superfood that we feel very proud of.

CulturArts Teatre i Dansa and Panach

31 January, 2017

We are immensely pleased and honoured to be able to accompany CulturArts Teatre i Dansa at #FiraTàrrega, the International market of Performing Arts, and to be able to sweeten many illustrious palates!

Fancy a Glass of Horchata?

Fancy a glass of horchata? As our friend Jamie says: there will never be enough horchata in our lives!! @laamericana.castellon #horchata #fartons #alboraya

At Panach We Make It Easy for You

Here at Panach horchata bar we make it easy: your horchata or iced drink to take away, in comfy containers of 1, 2 or 5 litres. Do as our friend @trinomarin and take it home for teatime! #Panach #Alboraya

The Family Grows

#PanachHorchata’s number of members grows! Now you can taste our horchata in four different ways: the genuine, natural horchata from our horchata bar, the bottled horchata from La Horchatería de Panach, and two brand new products from Fresh Horchata. Now you can have it in a glass bottle, for the pure, original flavour lovers. In addition to the ice-lollies and Panach horchata cream!

Try them all and tell us what you think!

Designation of Origin Valencian Tiger Nut

High quality Valencian tiger nut is grown at the Horta Nord region.

Nowadays, Valencian horchata is one of the products that, like Valencian paella, places us on the map. Valencian gastronomy stands out for having healthy, nutritive and one of the tastiest foods.

When we talk about horchata, we talk about the tiger nut, more specifically about the Valencian tiger nut horchata. However, how can we know that the horchata we are drinking is actually of Valencian tiger nut? Well, the quality guarantee we have is the Designation of Origin Valencian tiger nut.

What is D.O. Valencian Tiger Nut?

A designation of origin is a quality guarantee, in this case issued for the Valencian horchata by the Regulatory Counsel of Designation of Origin Valencian tiger nut.

The D.O. seal is the graphic proof of the tiger nut quality, not only of the raw material but also of its production process in all of its stages: planting, washing, drying and selection. Once all this is checked, the consumer is guaranteed that every establishment and horchata container that bears the seal of the Regulatory Counsel ensures that the horchata has been made with genuine Valencian tiger nut and fulfils the demanded quality benchmarks.

Thanks to the tiger nut quality, we can talk about the various benefits and properties of horchata.


Tiger Nut, a Superfood with a High Fibre Content

Thanks to its digestive enzymes, tiger nut can help us improve carbohydrates digestion and prevent fat accumulation in our body.

It favours our cardiovascular health, as well. The growing of tiger nut in Spain is one of the most profitable in the last years, thanks to the successful sales achieved both among American and several European countries’ consumers. For some time now, its consumption has been promoted as a part of a healthy diet, but very few can actually distinguish this small tuber horchata is made with. It comes from the species Cyperus esculentus, a herbaceous plant, and it is believed to be one of the first foods in human history. What agricultures did not figure in antiquity is that, what looked as a marginal product, it has become in modern times one of the so-called superfoods. Currently, the place where it is mostly grown is Valencia (Spain), but due to its success in the market it has started to be cultivated in some other parts of the globe. Why is tiger nut consumption becoming so popular? For many the term “tiger nut” is unknown, simply because its consumption has been promoted only for some years now and only in a few countries. Horchata, that summer drink, in one of the reasons why little by little people have come to know the existence of this food. Nevertheless, without a doubt, the main reasons why it has become famous is because it has proven to be an excellent food supplement, rich with essential nutrients and properties that benefit health and stability of the body weight.


The Secrets of Horchata

Horchata is going through a sweet moment in the USA and Japan, among other places, after entering the selective club of healthy foods that sets trends.

Tiger nut horchata has entered the hall of fame of foods, after reaching the superfood category. While in USA it is considered a trending drink due to its healthy properties and starts being an alternative to detox juices, Japan has found in the tiger nut (the tuber the drink is made with) as many or more advantages than those they observed on the Goji berries at that time.

“In Japan there is a fever for horchata and it is the same in the USA, where the Paleo Diet supporters have turned it into one of their mainstays,” states Germà Alcayde, director of the regulatory counsel of designation of origin Valencian tiger nut, referring to this drink, which is usually served at 2ºC and which has its main bastions of consumption in the Valencian Community, Catalonia, Madrid, Murcia and the Balearics.

Possibly, the boom of horchata could be explained for being one of the few refreshing drinks that doctors recommend. In addition to providing minerals (principally potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium), it contains little fat, and the ones it has are similar to the fat found in olive oil. Moreover, tiger nuts provide fibre, starch (beneficial for the improvement of digestion), vitamin E and B, folic acid, antioxidants and essential amino acids such as arginine.